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Refund Policy


Following your recent clinic appointment, you have been scheduled for a self-funded fertility treatment. You will need to make payment prior to commencing treatment. This can be done by telephone at Yorkshire Fertility on 01422 261344

Your invoice has been emailed to you.

* Attached to the bottom of this email is a compulsory form to complete and return to us prior to making payment. Please ensure you read through the refund policy thoroughly before you make payment, to ensure you are fully informed of our refund policy and fee schedule.

Once you have made your payment you will be offered an appointment to sign the appropriate consent forms for your treatment.

Should you require any further information about the treatment that is planned please use this link: yorkshirefertility.co.uk/home/ to access the information leaflets on our website. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice either via email at:

You will need to complete the compulsory Yorkshire Fertility refund policy form before payment can be taken.

info@yorkshirefertility.co.uk or telephone: 01422 261344 for clinical queries

01422 261344 for administration or payment queries

Yours Sincerely

Gemma Abbott
Clinical Nurse Lead

Yorkshire Fertility Refund Policy

At Yorkshire Fertility we take pride in the care and commitment to helping you achieve a successful pregnancy. We also understand that our patients may change their mind about treatment. To help with this we offer a 21 day‘cooling off period’ from the date you pay.

This means that you will receive all your monies back minus an administration fee, unless you have commenced treatment, whereby a partial refund maybe offered.

All payments made will incur an administration fee.

Treatment commences when you have your virtual/face to face appointment
to sign your consent forms.

Patients who have under gone some treatment/examination/consultation

We understand there maybe times, that treatment may have commenced but has discontinued for various reasons. A Partial refund maybe available, which will be assessed on an individual basis. Outlined below are the
considerations for partial refunds for clinical cancellations and patient, self-cancellations.

Clinical cancellations

Should a fertility cycle be cancelled for clinical reasons, prior to egg collection/embryo transfer, and following the commencement of treatment, a partial refund may be issued. Please refer to our pricing structure list for estimated amounts (subject to change).

At Yorkshire fertility we understand that the clinical cancellation of any fertility cycles can be devastating. This is often the last resort for patients and clinicians. All patients whose treatment is cancelled prior to attendance at a central unit will be considered for a partial refund, if requested in writing. This partial refund will be based on the charges incurred to Yorkshire Fertility from the central units we work with. This partial refund must be applied for within 6 months of cancellation. Any future cycles will need to be paid for in full.

Patient cancellations

In the unlikely situation that our patients decide to not continue with fertility treatment, after the 21-day cooling off period, a partial refund may be offered.
The partial refund will depend on the length of time that has passed since payment was made to Yorkshire Fertility and the number of appointments you have attended and investigations performed. Each case is assessed on an individual basis and all cancellations at this time must be requested in writing, along with the patient’s full details and reason for cancellation.

Medication costs

Any drugs that have been collected or delivered will not be refunded as our pharmacies will not be able to accept them back following them being dispensed.

Please see table below for an estimate of proportionate potential partial refund.(*Minus the price of medications)

Length of time passed since payment

Amount refunded*

0 days-21 days

Payment minus administration costs and examination/treatment/consultation costs

22 days-3 months

Payment minus administration costs and examination/treatment/consultation costs then 70% of that total.

3 months and 1 day - 6months

Payment minus administration costs and examination/treatment/consultation costs, then 50% of that total

6months and 1 day – 9months

Payment minus administration costs and examination/treatment/consultation costs, then 25% of that total

9months and 1 day +


Instances where a refund will not be possible

We will be unable to refund some treatments for the following reasons:

  • Patients are 9 months since payment to Yorkshire fertility before the request is submitted and do not wish to proceed with further treatment.
  • Patients who have not applied for a refund, following previous treatment clinical cancellation and over 6 months have elapsed
  • Patients who have undergone egg collection/embryo transfer

All refunds will be processed within 28 working days following the receipt of your request, in writing, and will be paid by bank transfer.

Please forward refund requests to the addresses below:

E-Mail: info@yorkshirefertility.co.uk
Address: Refund Requests,
Yorkshire Fertility,
Broad Street Plaza
51 Northbridge
Halifax HX1 1UB

For further information on the above please contact Yorkshire Fertility where a member of our staff will be able to help with your enquiry.