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Treatment Costs

Here is a summary of costs for treatment at Yorkshire Fertility. Please be aware that there are additional costs for subsequent storage of sperm / embryos. There may also be further charges associated with your treatment, as every patient’s care package is different.  Please do not hesitate to ask a member of our nursing team who will be more than happy to discuss prices in more detail with you.  

Average cost per patient: £4116
Average cost per patient: £5086
Average cost per patient: £1655
IVF Treatment£3,430
IVF Treatment package abroad£2,100
IVF with egg donation - Known donor£4,500
IVF with egg donation - Donor provided by Manchester Fertility£8,650
Treatment change to ICSI on the day - Additional cost£970
Egg Vitrification£3,450
IVF restart fee - Excludes drugs£615
ICSI Treatment package abroad£2,100
ICSI with egg donation - Donor provided by Manchester Fertility£8,650
ICSI with egg donation - Known donor£5,435
ICSI with vitrified eggs - Guarantee of 6 eggs, Drugs cost as per FET£6,630
ICSI restart fee - Excludes drugs£615
FET – after freeze all - Excluding drugs£130
Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR)£2,360
Single Scan£193
Endometrial Scratch£225
Pre-donor IUI screening per couple£620
Single woman pre-donor IUI£445
Blood test - Other bloods£47
Semen Analysis£110
Donor Insemination£700
Donor sperm per treatment with CARE£835
Donor sperm per treatment with MFS£775

Ovarian Cycle Tracking Package  - Includes scans & 2 x bloods



If you are paying for your treatment cycle with us you will be provided with a payment schedule along with our refund policy outlining any terms and conditions relating to your paid treatment.

At the present time the NHS are funding one cycle of IVF treatment in our area and 3 years embryo storage unless there is a live birth beofe this time expires.

You will be contacted directly by the relevant laboratory to advise about your storage arrangements and costs following your treatment.