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Licensed Treatment - Data and Success Rates

All licensed treatment at Yorkshire Fertility is carried out at one of our partnering HFEA registered centres as listed in our Treatment Overview Section.  It is your choice which center you go to and we will provide you with as much information as you need to help you to decide.  Yorkshire Fertility is a satellite unit and therefore comes under the registration of these centers.

Some patients like to research the success rates of the clinic they are going to attend.  Our success rates are published here and updated on a yearly basis so you can see year on year data on pregnancies and live births.

In order to accurately interpret success rates it is important to refer to the HFEA as the source of national information.  

To read more about the HFEA's advice on success rates visit their page here. 

Please remember that success rates depend on the patients being treated and the reason for their infertility.

Our Live Birth Rates

YearTreatmentNo of Embryos TransfersNo of Live Births

The above information is the most recent data available and has been taken from all satellite treatment cycles in 2017 at Yorkshire Fertility. From the data provided above we can summarise and compare with the National data as follows:

Our live birth rates compared with the National average

Treatment TypeYorkshire Fertility Live birth rateNational Live birth rate
IVF (includes donor eggs)76%60%
ICSI37%No data

Our Pregnancy Rates

YearNo Of CyclesPregnancy Rate Per Cycle IVFPregnancy Rate Per Cycle ICSIPregnancy Rate Per Cycle FET
2015 43345%35%47%
2016 45447%48%43%
2017 53545%40%39%