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Advanced Technologies / Techniques

Embryo Glue - Hyaluranon is a naturally occurring substance present in follicles, tubes and in the cavity of the womb. Its effect is to make the fluid in these areas more viscous (sticky) and to encourage implantation of embryos.

Embryoscope - The embryoscope allows time-lapsed photography of embryos whilst they remain at all times within the incubator. This enables us to assess an embryos development in far more detail and help us to identify more accurately pregnancy competent embryos.

Endometrial scratch - This is a new technique in which the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is ‘scratched’ using a thin plastic straw, which is passed through the cervix. No anaesthetic is required and the procedure takes around 15 minutes. This is usually performed during the  week prior to the period in which the IVF cycle will commence. Studies suggest that this can improve the IVF success rate for some couples who have had a number of failed cycles