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CHFT Coronavirus Guidance

There is no longer a requirement for universal IIR fluid repellent mask wearing in clinical areas for either staff or patients. 

  • Masks are to be worn for all face-to-face clinical interactions with patients who have a confirmed or suspected infectious respiratory disease, either IIR fluid repellent masks or FFP3 masks as appropriate: refer to the respiratory protection guide, isolation policy, National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM) and Testing & Management of Infectious Respiratory Diseases - Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Masks to be worn as part of outbreak control where instructed by the Outbreak Control Group (OCG).  The type of mask required (IIR fluid repellent masks or FFP3) will be advised by the IPCT.
  • IIR fluid repellent masks are to be worn as per theatre/dept policies for surgical procedures.
  • IIR fluid repellent masks to be worn for all face-to-face clinical interactions with patients who are immunosuppressed i.e. haematology, oncology patients who have neutrophils of less than 1.0 or are on long term steroids.
  • Staff with symptoms of respiratory infection should wear a surgical mask for any interactions with patients plus within 1m of colleagues (if well enough to attend work).

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, our outreach clinics in Dewsbury, Pinderfields and Bradford are currently being arranged through our clinic at the Broad Street Plaza, Halifax.