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Click for the full document here - Weight Loss Guidance


Yorkshire Fertility weight loss guideline and support document

Being overweight reduces success rates of fertility treatment, and losing weight will reduce the risks during pregnancy for both mother and child. As your BMI is over 30, NICE guidelines recommend taking 5 mg of folic acid preconceptionally and during the first trimester. We can pass this letter to your GP so that they can facilitate this for you.

There are different dietary and lifestyle strategies to help you to lose weight – Each person is individual in what will work for them. What works for one person may not work for another. We do not endorse any technique or weight loss advice provider. However, we can provide a list of useful methods our patients have found below. You may find success with attending the gym regularly, some have found support networks such as ‘Weight Watchers and ‘Slimming World helpful, and some have used a private dietitian/nutritionist or personal trainer to provide individualised advice. 

 For the full document and guidance please click the link above.