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Counselling Service

At Yorkshire Fertility we know that as part of your patient journey it is essential that we offer a support service of an independent and confidential counselling service.

Our counsellor is Tracey Burns who can be contacted through the team at Yorkshire Fertility.

Tracey has her clinic within our clinic here at Yorkshire Fertility.

Clinics are currently run on Monday and Tuesdays. Appointments are available both on the telephone or face to face.

Our friendly admin team will be happy to arrange an appointment, please call us on 01422 261 344.


Counselling service feedback is welcomed. Please click the link to complete the the patient survey.https://forms.office.com/e/XsZ1nc8wCd

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to see the counsellor?

No, but if you are unsure if it will help, please contact the counsellor and ask.

How long does counselling take?

Each session usually lasts up to 1 hour. In many circumstances one or two sessions may be enough to support you over the immediate crisis. If, however, you or the counsellor feel further time is needed this will be discussed and arranged at the time.

How do I contact the counsellor?

This can be done by you, or you can ask for assistance from any member of staff.


There are no rules for referral and all patients are entitled to as many counselling sessions as they feel they need during the process of treatment - before, during and after.  Please speak to any member of the Yorkshire Fertility team in person or telephone - 01422 224478 to book an appointment with the counsellor.


Staff Referral

A member of the medical or nursing staff may directly refer clients to the service by either telephone or referral form.


The counsellor will make direct contact and arrange her own appointments.The number and timing of appointments will be arranged between the client and counsellor within the constraints of the service.  

What is counselling?

Counselling is a confidential and sensitive relationship where the Yorkshire Fertility Counsellor meets with individuals and couples to discuss the personal, psychological or social effects of their treatment. The counsellor is impartial and wishes only to offer you the psychological support you deserve.


The extent and protection of confidentiality will be discussed with all clients at the first counselling session. Some couples find the thought of IVF quite scary and feel that they would like help to cope with this very stressful time in their lives. We have several ways that we try to help with this:

An independent fertility counsellor (see details)

Our fertility nurses who can be contacted through Yorkshire Fertility.

What is counselling in the context of my treatment?

It is recognised that fertility treatment can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. This often affects both partners and can impact on ones ability to cope with domestic, social and working life. It often affects both couples and that is why it is often most appropriate for couples to be seen together. Sometimes very difficult decisions have to be made and difficult questions asked. People often feel a range of confusing or unusual emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger or hostility, guilt, tearful, feelings of grief and loss, problems with sleeping or eating and difficulties in coping in social and work situations.

The role of the counsellor in this context then is to offer you emotional and psychological support at a time when you need it, to help you answer difficult questions for yourself. The counselling service aims to be sensitive and caring and you are entitled to take advantage of it. Your psychological well-being is therefore of primary concern to the counsellor. It is offered freely and you should not feel hesitant to ask for it even if it is not offered.

When can I ask for counselling?

You can request to see the counsellor any time you like - before, during or after your treatment. You will be offered counselling by staff at the Unit and they can make arrangements for you. However, should you wish to make your own arrangements you can contact the counsellor directly yourself as detailed below.

Does it cost me anything?

No. The service is provided by Yorkshire Fertility.

Will I/we be seen as weak or a nuisance if I/we ask for counselling?

Absolutely not. If this were thought to be so, the counselling service would not be available for you. We all recognise the psychological stress that treatment causes and difficult decisions that need to be made.

What might I/we hope to gain from seeing the counsellor?

This is difficult to say as different people benefit in different ways. Counsellors through attentive listening and a sense of empathy help couples to clarify and understand the circumstances that affect their lives and relationships. They are able to help you to make choices and decisions and to give you the support you need throughout your treatment. They demonstrate a capacity for offering support within a non-judgmental and respectful relationship.

But I never talk about personal things - how will counselling help?

It is the responsibility of the counsellor to assist you in a sensitive and caring way to talk. You will not be pushed to discuss anything you do not wish to. The counsellor is there simply to offer the opportunity in an unhurried and relaxed, safe environment to make it comfortable and safe for you to talk.