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Nurse Paperwork Consultation

At this appointment you will meet with one of our fertility nurses to discuss the details of the treatment, sign all the necessary consent forms and talk through your forthcoming IVF cycle. We will explain the steps, discuss the medications you will be using, talk through timings and answer all of your questions.

This appointment will be for both partners and can take up to two hours.  The nurse will need to see photo ID again at this stage.  The length of this appointment is down to there being lots of legal aspects to cover and also the many forms to understand and complete.  In preparation for this, if you have time, its a good idea to make yourself familiar with some of the consent forms, so you can consider some of the questions we may ask you regarding treatment.

You can find all the forms on the HFEA website here:  HFEA CONSENT FORMS but remember these will be explained to you in detail at the consultation.

We will also arrange any outstanding blood tests and perform an ultrasound scan. You may need a trial embryo transfer, which is a trial run of performing an embryo transfer to ensure that there are no difficulties passing a small tube through the opening of the uterus (cervix). It feels very much like having a smear test.