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A Special Thank you to Yorkshire Fertility

Vicky actually tried to post her story on our facebook page but had some trouble doing so.  When she sent me her story I began to realise what an amazing inspiration she is and how much hope she could offer to others going through this process.  Read here how Vicky fought the heart ache and welcomed her dream.


After a failed first cycle with a different clinic we knew it was time to look for a new one. After attending Sarah Banks' support group and hearing nothing but positive stories about Yorkshire Fertility, we decided to book an appointment with the consultant. Our first appointment came around quickly, the consultant was very open and honest which is exactly what we wanted. After reviewing my notes from the previous clinic we were told my AMH level was just 4 at the age of 29.  With problems with my partner too, our chances of it working was less than 10%. We were told it was worth a shot before considering egg donation treatment.  


After only our first consultation appointment we knew we had made the right decision moving to this clinic.  At my scans it showed only 4 follicles but we knew we wouldn't get many. Egg collection day came, only 2 eggs but both fertilised.  Feeling deflated and upset we tried to remind ourselves that we only needed the one.  Embryo transfer day arrived and we had both eggs transferred.


The dreaded two week wait finally came to an end. The blood test came back positive WOW! but we had been here before on our first go, so we knew we still had a long way to go. The 6 week scan arrived and we were told we had twins, I felt the luckiest person alive! Sadly we lost twin two at 7 weeks but twin one continued to develop.


After a very scary and worrying 9 months our beautiful son George Joseph Jeffreys arrived safely on the 27.02.2018.  He is our beautiful miracle.


I can not thank Yorkshire Fertility enough for everything they have done. Also Manchester Care Fertility who were also amazing! A special mention and a big thank you to Mr Debono. I thank him for his honesty, for doing additional tests that were not done with my first clinic. I thank him for fully explaining our issues and helping us understand why we were struggling to conceive, again something the other clinic never really did. 



A special mention to Susie Best, our IVF nurse. I could not have got through it without her. She really is an asset to the Yorkshire Fertility team.  An amazing lady who is very passionate about her job, and very professional. She made me feel so relaxed at appointments - again ensuring i understood what was happening at every stage. George will always know how special Susie is to us.


Also thank you to Sarah Banks for setting up a support group. I recommend this group, it really helped me on my journey, it is very relaxed and informative. It's nice to hear other people's stories who are also suffering just like you.

Please never give up hope.


If you are struggling to find the support you need before, during or after fertility treatment - any stage of the process, we are affiliated with The Yorkshire Fertility Support Group run by Sarah Banks.  More details are available on our web page here.  We also have an independent counselling service who are available on Tuesday Evenings and run appointments from our clinic.  For more information on our counselling service visit our web page here.


As well as the Support Group and the Counselling Service all of our Fertility Nurses are highly trained and experienced with dealing with the emotional well being of patients.  Please don't hesitate to contact us on 01422 224478, if you leave an answer message we will return your call the same day.  If you prefer to email you can contact us at


There are also plenty of useful links and contacts here.  


Please don't suffer alone, talk to someone you can trust about how you feel and always seek help if you are suffering.