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A Consultant's Point of View

Our Lead Consultant Mr Martin DeBono recently took a well earned break with his wife Dorothy who also volunteers at Yorkshire Fertility.  Whilst relaxing we thought he could take the time to answer some frequently asked questions.  Being the founder of the largest Satellite IVF Unit in the UK we believe his point of view would really count to anyone looking into fertility treatment.

What should people take into consideration when they are first referred to Yorkshire Fertility?

A healthy lifestyle, the female age and an understanding that we will support them throughout their journey in a non judgemental way.

How do you go about trying to locate the source of infertility?

This would be basic investigations but the most important test is a detailed history from the couple. We then perform a number of blood tests, ultrasound and sperm test.

What concern do you hear most from patients who are first starting fertility treatment?

The biggest concern I hear is the emptiness that they feel and the psychological pain.  Also couples would  like to know why they are struggling.

Fertility treatments are usually perceived as scary and expensive.  What financial considerations should you take into account?

Everything is scary because couples are venturing into the unknown. But that is why the team at Yorkshire Fertility will support couples to reassure them that they are in safe hands. With regards to finances Yorkshire Fertility is well aware of financial pressures and for that reason the majority of its services and all of its consultations are free. It is only IVF services, if the couple are not eligible, that need to be self funded. It is however useful to think of future financial costs.

It's clear that having as much information as possible is key, but how else can a patient prepare?

Seek as much information as possible. Access our website that has useful information and links to help couples get more information about their issues. Speak to other couples who have been through our service.

How much of a role do family genes and history play in fertility?

Genetic fertility related issues are not common and should not be of major concern but we take a detailed genetic history as well. Also if there are genetic related issues we usually have a solution to work around it.

What is the most common misconception about infertility?

That advice and treatment rarely works. This is incorrect. We are making advances on a yearly basis and success and improvements are happening through well grounded research.

Why would you recommend Yorkshire Fertility to prospective patients?

I would recommend Yorkshire Fertility because I personally know the values of the service and the dedication of the team. We treat our patients with dignity and respect and cater for their physical, emotional and psychological needs.  But don’t take my word for it. Speak to patients who have experienced the service and if you would like to be seen call our unit on 01422 224478.