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Fresh Connection

Manchester Fertility Office building exterior

As you already will be aware here at Yorkshire Fertility we are passionate about working together to achieve results.  We presently have successful working relationships with various organisations and now we've come together with Manchester Fertility, a central IVF unit based in Cheadle, near Manchester.

This means our patients have even more choice in where to attend for their registered treatment which includes any procedure requiring the expertise of a laboratory ie IVF, ICSI, freezing etc.  They also offer any additional fertility add-ons which are provided on your request.

This partnership also gives our patients access to UK sperm and egg donors with no waiting list, through Manchester Fertility’s own award winning Semovo ( sperm donor bank and Manchester Donors ( egg donor bank.  Now this is something to be excited about and we can't wait to get started.  

Being the largest Satellite IVF clinic in the UK we want to maintain excellent care and choice for our patients whilst keeping our values of 'individualised care closer to home.' 

Mr DeBono - our Lead Fertility Consultant said - “We are delighted to enter into a clinical partnership with Manchester Fertility Services. This arrangement allows us and our patients to broaden the choice of providers that we can offer. We look forward to a long and successful relationship. “

You can find out more about our satellite partnership with Manchester Fertility here.