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The Yorkshire Fertility Support Group


We have been lucky enough at Yorkshire Fertility to be affiliated with a local fertility support group.  This group was founded by Sarah Banks who is an ex patient of ours.  Sarah wanted to give something back after she felt the struggle of finding peer support whilst undergoing fertility treatment.  She wanted to make support available to those struggling to conceive or going through treatment.  We understand that some patients find it difficult to talk to family and friends and that sometimes the only people who can really identify with what you are going through are those who are going through the same process.  You can read Sarah's story here.


Thanks to Sarah's hard work there is now a regular meet up in both Bradford and Halifax for anyone at any stage of their fertility journey.  It's a chance to talk to people who are experiencing similar problems and to offer support and encouragement to each other.  There are often guest speakers including Yorkshire Fertility staff, embryologists, nurses, counsellors etc.


If you are interested in attending this group you can contact Sarah Banks via her Yorkshire Fertility Support Group on facebook where there are regular updates about her service.  You can also contact her directly via her website http://sarahbanks.coach. 


We also have information in clinic about the group so please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff who will be happy to provide you with any further information you need.