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The links in the table below link to PDF documents.

LeafletDescriptionReview date
Anti-mullerian Hormone Testing (AMH)Information for Patients having AMH testing at Yorkshire Fertility18/03/2022
Becoming an Egg DonorInformation for patients wishing to become an egg donor.18/03/2022
CARE - Embryo GlueInformation for patients about Embryo glue at CARE Fertility18/03/2022
CARE - PGS InformationInformation about PGS for patients going to CARE Fertility18/03/2022
CARE - BlastocystInformation about blastocysts for patients going to CARE Fertility18/03/2022
CARE - Manchester MapInformation for patients travelling to CARE Fertility Manchester18/03/2022
CARE - MapsInformation about CARE Maps for patients25/03/2022
CARE - Sheffield - DirectionsInformation for patients travelling to CARE Sheffield18/03/2022
Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid Therapy)A detailed information leaflet around treatment using Clomiphene Citrate therapy in tablet form with Yorkshire Fertility.01/11/2022
Diagnostic LaparoscopyInformation for patients undergoing a diagnostic laparoscopy with Yorkshire Fertility.18/03/2022
Donor Insemination at a glanceA an information leaflet for patients around donor insemination treatment with Yorkshire Fertility.01/11/2022
Egg DonationA detailed information leaflet which goes through the process of having IVF with donor egg treatment at Yorkshire Fertility.03/08/2022
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)A detailed patient information leaflet outlining the process of having a cycle of IVF with previously frozen embryos at Yorkshire Fertility.01/11/2022
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)A detailed information leaflet which explains a hysterosalpingogram test which is an x-ray of the uterus.01/11/2022
HysteroscopyInformation for patients undergoing Hysteroscopy with Yorkshire Fertility18/03/2022
IVF & ICSI information bookletA patient information leaflet which talks through the process of In vitro fertilisation and Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection at Yorkshire Fertility.01/04/2022
IVF short protocole with CetrotidePatient information leaflet detailing treatment and protocol for IVF treatment on a short protocol with cetrotide01/04/2022
Laparoscopy & Dye TestInformation for patients undergoing a laparoscopy & dye test with Yorkshire Fertility.18/03/2022
Leeds DirectionsInformation for patients travelling to Leeds Fertility18/03/2022
Leeds Embryo GlueInformation for patients undergoing embryo glue treatment at Leeds Fertility18/03/2022
Leeds EmbryoscopeInformation for patients undergoing embryoscope at Leeds Fertility18/03/2022
Letrazole TherapyA detailed patient information leaflet around Letrozole Therapy for fertility treatment at Yorkshire Fertility.01/04/2022
Long protocol IVF at a glanceA detailed patient information leaflet around a long IVF treatment protocol at Yorkshire Fertillity.01/04/2022
MFS DirectionsInformation for patients Travelling to Manchester Fertility18/03/2022
Preconceptual CareA detailed patient information leaflet around preconceptual care including advice on healthy eating, lifestyle changes and preparing for a healthy pregnancy.01/04/2022
Risks & Complications - CAREInformation for patients about the risks and complications of treatment18/03/2022
Semen Analysis / Wash & Swim Test FormInformation for patients having a semen analysis test or sperm wash and swim test with Yorkshire Fertility.18/03/2022
Yorkshire Fertility Service StandardsInformation for patients about Yorkshire Fertility Service Standards19/03/2022
Short FET InformationInformation for patients having a short protocol FET cycle with Yorkshire Fertility18/03/2022
Sperm Donation Information for patients undergoing Sperm donation treatment with Yorkshire Fertility18/03/2022
Value of Second Opinion Scan DocValue of Second Opinion Scan Doc24/06/2022
Refund PolicyYorkshire Refund Policy for patients paying for fertility treatments.15/04/2022
Yorkshire Fertility Support GroupInformation about the Yorkshire Fertility Support Group18/03/2022
Zika Virus Form - New PatientsInformation for new patients about the Zika Virus and Fertility.18/03/2022